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Fedex Error Code F055


Field 557 is used to describe the type of error message received. SmartPost Type a directory path or click the Folder icon () to browse and select a directory. 2.8Configuring Meter Settings The Meter Settingstab lets you configure meters for FedEx Express, FedEx The initial value ofthis drop-down listbox when the meter is configured (via 035/135Child Meter Registration transaction or the Meter Registration utility)is '2D'. Box zip. 3431 International Importer of Record - Postal code or routing code is required. 3432 International Importer of Record - Postal/Routing code and country do not match. 3433 International Importer

Multi-Ply Printer Defaults b)In the Printer Selection screen, select the printer type. Hold the mouse cursor over a field to display a tip that describes the valid data for the field, as well as the access level required to edit the field. When a user attempts to process an Iintra-Canada Standard Overnight shipmentvia the 020 shipping transaction and has exceeded the maximumDeclared Valuelimit for the service type requested, and the user has entered If a time is entered, then the close function for the specified carrier will start with the 007 End-of-Day Close Request for the meter specified. Clicking Here

Fedex Error Code F055

If a customer upgrades to FSMS13.0.0, the No Shiptime Ratescheckbox is unchecked and the Rating Optionsdrop-down menu options are set to List and Discount. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. please try again later. 0753 Requested Component Not Available ... Email Address Enter the email address for the shipping contact in your company.

If a user attempts to process an intra-Canada Standard Overnight shipment via the 020 shipping transaction and has exceeded the maximum weight limit for the service type requested, the user has The first meter added to this configuration will be the master meter; all subsequent meters to be added are child meters that are associated with the master meter. Discount Options Ground Discount Optionswill only have an Earned checkbox. Fedex Failed To Insert Record Into Database If Field ID1274 (Service Type) set to 05 (FedEx Standard Overnight) and Field ID1273 (Packaging Type) is set to 01 (Customer Packaging) and Field ID1670 (Package Weight) is greater than 68

Origin meters are unchecked by default. ·Transborder Distribution: This checkbox is only visible for Canada TD shipments. Meter numbers let you manage your shipments and provide accounting and reporting according to a number of different scenarios, such as geographical location of shipping areas, distribution systems, and internal setup Service changed to Two-Day Freight Service (F2). 0592 Weight exceeds maximum. For Intra-UK Freight or Non Freight shipment via the 020 Shipping Transaction with the individual dimensions maximums for Tag 57, Package Height, Tag 58, Package Width, and Tag 59, Package Length

Box is not allowed. Fedex Error Code 7022 Value has been reset to 00 — Not checked. 0000 An error occurred in deleting the file from disk. 0000 An error occurred in opening a database file. The password field is case-sensitive.) User LevelView access shows the same tabs as Field Levelaccess, but you cannot edit Field Level items except on the IPD / IED / IDFSettingstab. The Meter drop down list contains all meters installed on the box.

Fedex Shipping Error Codes

Service changed to Government Overnight. 0310 An error occurred in closing... a)To change the printer selection, click Properties to display a list of available printers. Fedex Error Code F055 Both FedEx SmartPost outbound services and FedEx SmartPost Returns® services must be enabled independently. What Does Fedex Code F055 Mean FedEx Ground cannot use Field 116.

The default position of the No Shiptime Ratescheckbox is unchecked (turned off). Company Name* Enter the company name. Force Closeis activated only if you have not closed your shipping day 24 hours before the Force Close Time entered. ·The Force CloseTime is entered in military time (for example, 1:00 inches. 0767 This script file is not available. 0768 Up to 15 tracking numbers can be selected per track session. 0769 Maximum retention period cannot be less than Fedex Error Messages

Party may not get notified. 2237 Invalid or Missing language code for notification, defaulting to English. 2238 Tracking number required for Deleting a shipment. 2239 Tracking number not in database. 2240 When clicked, a pop up window will appear that could contain any combination of Express, Ground, SmartPost or Freight based on the origin country of the meter. Please try the request again. have a peek here For more information, contact your FedEx Customer Service representative. 7)To select an air waybill multi-ply pin-feed printer, click the Label Settingstab and perform the following steps.

For Intra-UK shipment via the 020 Shipping Transaction with the Service Type Tag, tag 1274 set to either 26 (FedEx Economy) or 32 (FedEx 1 Day Freight) and the Saturday Delivery Fedex Validation Code F055 If you process an intra-India shipment in an 020 Global Ship Request and Field ID 27 (C.O.D. please close again. 0329 Internal Error (unable to update tracking no.

Do You Ship Single or Multiple Packages Per Shipment?

Tracking Numbers When using the FedEx ConfigurationUtility, if a text field appears in red, it contains an invalid field value. lbs. 0463 Selected service is not available to destination. 0464 Too many fields in table. 0465 Communications processor buffer error... If you have a master meter and three child meters, you may make up to four FedEx Express and four FedEx Ground Handling Chargeconfiguration settings by selecting the meter you want Fedex Service Is Invalid c)The FedEx ExpressDangerous Goods report, Express 1421C, can be printed on multi-ply forms or on plain paper.

Retention Interval is the length of time your FedEx Expressshipping history information is stored by FSMS. Figure 53. b)In Label Stock, use the drop-down menu to select the air waybill label type to use. 5)To include the Ground C.O.D. Check This Out Meter Time Zone FSMSlets you select a time zone for each meter (both master and child) configured on your server.

Auto Close Time Define the time daily shipments should automatically close. c)If you choose to print multi-ply air waybills, use the drop-down menu in Form Type to select the form associated with the label stock. Please call Customer Service. 0745 Average Dimensions exceeds 70 inches in height or 119 inches in length or 250 inches in length and girth. 0746 Wrong or Invalid URSA Table 103:Return Error Codes 0100-0199 Code Message Error Condition 0100 Invalid airbill number. 0101 The copy process has aborted...

Note: This checkbox will only be visible when the sender country allows Electronic Trade Documents for a given meter. 2)The Electronic Trade Documents - Terms and Conditions Language Selection pop-up U.S. Third Party Consignee When this option is selected, the Commercial Invoice for international shipments is not to be attached to the shipment. If these checkboxes do not display, skip this step. 5.

Error Codes 0500-0599 This table shows the error codes0500-0599 and messages that are returned in Fields 2 and 3 when a problem occurs during a transmission. Software ID Data CaptureDialog Box Table 18. The values of this drop-down listbox are '2D' and 'Blank' and the default is '2D'. tracking numbers are loaded. 0177 Remittance address company must match default sender company. 0178 No data to report. 0179 No data in file to transfer. 0180 Specified

Note: The Shipper Settingstab in the FSMSConfigurationUtilityhas a checkbox labeled Do not allow Multiple Meters per AccountNumber. KGS 0662 NOTICE: Approval needed for %? If the customer attempts to upload shipping documents using the 049/149 Pre-Shipment Document Upload transaction, and Field 2819 is sent with an invalid path, and all other Pre-Shipment Document Upload transaction The Apply button saves the selected option for the meter in the database.

per package weight exceeding %? Please print shipping documents and attach to shipment. X Doc-Tab Settings Information for the doc-tab section of a FedEx label. The access privileges are at the "User View" Level.

Please call FedEx Technical Support via your normal support channel. Table 8. The checkbox is visible under Field and Support Privilege Levels for sender countries allowed to use FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents (ETD). Table 10 describes general fields on the Systems Settingstab.

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