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Filemaker Server Error Code 2504

Now you have to tell your firewall system about it to. The action that precipitated this was turning on xslt logging. This robot is not on the Server, and is run by FMPA 9. After the restart of the Mac, and while starting up the FileMaker Server Admin Console, I noticed the WPE error. have a peek here

I had a Drew who took care of all the network configuration. Configure your firewall so that server side components can listen to their clients on the ports listed below. Colm _______________________________________________ FMPexperts mailing list [hidden email] Richard DeShong Reply | Threaded Open this post in threaded view ♦ ♦ | Report Content as Inappropriate ♦ ♦ RE: FMSA Viola! (we thought at first, while the tech was still on the phone), a "green light" for the WPE; but of course, as soon as we hung up on *that* call find more info

we are asking the campus security folks to open 5003 to see if this clears it up. The VAT rate for Electronic Software Downloads and other FileMaker products classified as services under local law will be at the rate applicable to the country where the customer belongs. Anyway, back in action, but no clue as to why it didn't work. This website: shows more accurately than FileMaker documents, the ports you would need open.

Best regards, Francis McNally AT&T - Hosting and Application Services Cloud Incubation Office: +1 404 986 5303 _______________________________________________ FMPexperts mailing list [hidden email] Colm Osiris-5 Reply | Threaded Open this we did not, this time, get any error messages. I'd still like to know about this IIS thing. >> _______________________________________________ >> FMPexperts mailing list >> [hidden email] >>> > > _______________________________________________ > FMPexperts mailing list > [hidden email] > The page will refresh upon submission.

In some cases the error may have more parameters in Filemaker Server Error Code 2504 format .This additional hexadecimal code are the address of the memory locations where the instruction(s) was This is a 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Mac Mini, with 2 GB of memory. You only need to concern yourself with the ports for the SQL database(s) you're using. Listens to… 80: Normal web requests from a browser, and PHP API connections 443: Secure (HTTPS) web requests from a browser Note: Unlike most of the components in a FileMaker setup,

Listens to… 16000 and 16004 through 16018: The web server (Apache or IIS) sends web requests and receives responses The Web Server When you install FileMaker Server, it integrates with your When ON, some of the FileMaker and Java processes register. It finds Apache web server without any problems but the deployment script returns the original error at the end. - Ran "Repair Permissions" from Disk Utility. Event Type: Error Event Source: Application Error Event Category: (100) Event ID: 1000 Date: 9/11/2007 Time: 3:41:11 AM User: N/A Computer: LON-FEP-ADMIN1 Description: Faulting application fmserver.exe, version, faulting module ntdll.dll,

Then, it is all a matter of what operating system you're using, and with windows, what version and possibly what third party firewall software you have. Each service listens on a particular port. Thanks to Steve Hearn of CoreSolutions Development Inc. Marcus 7-28-2007 Very Nice Work Geoff!

Filter by product This button does not work with screen readers. navigate here Since there appears to be no way to change this port in either FMS or SmarterStat, we have to go to either disable the web stats or move to the expense Kevin 9-10-2010 I am still having problems with filemaker client seeing server on local host but can see server if server IP address is added under favourite hosts. They are used by components of FileMaker server to communicate with one another, but not between components that typically run on separate computers.

I had that a few times before on a FMS 11 Windows Server 2008 R2 configuration; eventually IWP /really/ stopped working. There isn't an app I can get info on. When pointing to the server it works because i opened tcp/5003 but it's so much code that i rather come up with a network or server side solution than changing it Check This Out I had to do this just the other day, in fact.

Also note that PHP code talks to the Web Publishing Engine through its XML interface. So 5353 is the registered MDNS port. The page will refresh upon submission.

This is probably pretty obvious to most, but I wanted to point out some typos with regard to some of the ports (let me know if I'm mistaken): under the "Web

Data: 0000: 19 43 00 00 0a 00 00 00 .C…… 0008: 0f 00 00 00 4c 00 4f 00 ….L.O. 0010: 4e 00 2d 00 46 00 45 00 N.-.F.E. Whenever I click on the Web Publishing Link under configuration I get the following error: Deployment/Configuration error -150 Starting the WPE(wpe1) component failed: error code = 2500 Also in the FileMaker Note: This article was updated on 2016-11-17 and previously published under WIKI_Q210794 Contents 1.What is Filemaker Server Error Code 2504 error? 2.What causes Filemaker Server Error Code 2504 error? 3.How to Philippe Lazzaroni 6-5-2010 Hi Geoff I've heard there were some minors changes brought to the network ports with the release of FileMaker Server 11.

To the extent your setup is similar, here is my recommendation: > > 1) In the Overview screen of the Admin, click on 'Edit Server Deployment' > 2) Turn off Web Don't ever bother Stopping then Starting the Web Publishing Engine - 'undeploy' then 'redeploy', with an IIS restart sandwiched in. Looking at Activity Monitor, would you know how much memory to expect FMS to use? To confirm web server settings: In the Test step in the Deployment assistant, confirm the...

FileMaker Server Deployment Assistant Crashes With Error 2504 With Web Publishing Enabled The FileMaker Server Deployment Assistant walks you through setting up (or deploying) FileMaker Server. We do not believe, that this is an ipfw firewall issue, though it could be related to some residual problems with the Leopard "Firwall" despite the fact, that we have it Stephane 11-23-2010 On our windows server 2003 with FMS 11, we had two crashes of Bonjour service (2.0.0). And any ideas why it's suddenly decided to stop working out of the blue would be very welcome!

Ken says he also cleared out the Java cache as part of that. Products . … Specifying the name and description that will appear on the FileMaker Server Admin Console Start Page; Enabling of ODBC / JDBC … … has finally worked for me: has identified an issue with FileMaker Server on the Microsoft Windows platform where the deployment of the Web... The Web Publishing Engine This component can be installed on the same machine as the database server, or the same machine as the web server, or on its own machine.

That is the situation, "no joy," around 11:00 AM EDT this Wednesday morning. Thanks Philippe Andreas 7-29-2010 Hi, Is there a solution for discovering the FM Server on an other subnet/vlan? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites cwvalentine 0 newbie Newbies 0 2 posts Version: 9 Advanced Posted May 15, 2008 I (another guy here)am getting the Filter by product This button does not work with screen readers.

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