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First Class Client Error 1044

Server message: Server Resource Limit exceeded. Check that the OpenTptInternetLib Shared Library is in your Extensions folder. You can increase the default daily time limit in the System Profile and the daily time limit for user groups or individual users. You tried to send a message without a valid address in either the To or Cc field, or you did not press Tab, Return, or Enter, after typing the name. this contact form

To resend it use the Forward command. You tried to perform a function such as paste, without opening a message on your Desktop. For example, in a conference with four messages, a request is made to operate on the third message, just as the sender of the third message unsends the message. 1082 Client The software is configured to use TCP/IP connections, but the operating system support for Open Transport has not been installed correctly. 1087 Server message: Could not load AppleTalk driver.

The file may be damaged. Check the Connection Setup. If you made a backup of the settings file, try using it. 4703 Message: Memory has become corrupt. This indicates a system limit has been reached (for example, the file name may be too long) or a logic error in the program. 4104 Message: File is not open.

The connection between the gateway and the server is set up incorrectly. Server message: Duplicate server name. Major features and fixes in this release (FCC 10.008) • Crash when trying to print a closed calendar from the desktop. Server message: Bad person name.

The gateway client timed out while waiting for a reply packet from the server. You tried to resume a file transfer for a file that has been fully received. For a better experience on Facebook, switch to our basic site or update your browser.FacebookEmail or PhonePasswordForgot account?Sign UpTo see more from OpenText FirstClass on Facebook, log in or create an This error can occur as a result of a modem negotiation problem or a handshaking problem.

Delete the damaged document. 1017 Client message: That feature is not yet implemented. Turn off autoforwarding in the Preferences form of at least one of the affected users. 1080 Client message: The name you have chosen already exists in the Directory. Server message: Server session memory limit reached. You have already used this upgrade license to upgrade the server.

Server message: User not administrator. Choose to connect with the INETSVCS.FC and go to the advanced settings to make sure that the TCP/IP port is on 510. Server message: Server queue full. Try to send the message later when some items have been deleted from the mailbox or conference.

Either run an older version of the FirstClass client software when connecting to that server, or upgrade the server. 1018 Client message: Your request cannot be completed because you have reached Forward is only supported for message objects. Server message: Invalid ObjID. Server message: Incorrect SM parameters.

Names are shortened to 63 bytes, properly preserving the file extension, since the server still has a 63-byte limit. • OSX client can't login with password "ß". There is not enough memory to open the settings file. Usually this indicates a file system failure, a damaged file, or a program error in FirstClass. navigate here This should never be displayed, and likely indicates a logic error in the program code.

Determine which resource cannot be found. This is because HTML isn't a standard clipboard format on OS X (even Safari doesn't source HTML) and WebKit only provides a way to get a plain text version of the Unless otherwise specified, all messages are generated as server messages. 1000 range error messages The FirstClass server errors in the 1000 range describe client and server general errors. 1001 Client message:

Wait a few minutes and try again.

The current machine is low on memory. FirstClass found damaged files in the post office. 5305 Message: FCTools is too old for this post office format. In other cases, one of the few remaining options is to delete the damaged link. 4108 Message: Out of memory error for file. group permission. • Text pasted in to "Filter" has bullets if copied from a paragraph with bullets. • Copy text and paste in word 2007 creates bulleted list. • Several table

This error occurs if a file operation on the server fails for any reason other than the most common (for example, something other than "file not found", and so on). If you receive this message when trying to add users or remote sessions, purchase additional licenses. The connection was lost. his comment is here Turn off autoforwarding in the Preferences form of at least one of the affected users. 1080 Client message: The name you have chosen already exists in the Directory.

The FirstClass Mac server supports only PowerPC, so MacTCP is no longer relevant. 1086 Client message: Could not open a connection to Open Transport TCP. Fixes and Changes (12.005) All supported languages now included Fixes and Changes (12.004) MAC installer Certificate not-trusted issue MAC installer will no longer override a renamed previous version Repeat settings disappear If you do not accept the terms of the License Agreement, do not install the software and return the entire package within 30 days to the place from which you obtained Please make sure that you have read all the information in this release note before proceeding with download and installation of this software.

Server message: Serial port in use by another application. Obsolete. The body section of a message is damaged. Otherwise, increase the amount of system memory on the server computer, or if this refers to a FirstClass server, the number of sessions configured. 4109 Message: Cancelled.

Retry the failed operation.

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