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First Class Error 4024

Please check that the script is correct. There is no FirstClass server running on the machine at that address. 1208 Client message: Warning! For example, if you tried to run a FCAS 3.0 application on an earlier version of FCAS. 1008 Unable to read from file. This error may occur if you try to perform an administration function when you are not logged in as the administrator or as a subadministrator. this contact form

An attempt to perform a file system operation on a file or folder has failed. Connection attempt or listen failed. There has been a file system error accessing the FirstClass configuration files. To add more, allocate more memory to the server.

This may indicate an incomplete previous write operation (due to a crash or power failure, for example), a network error, or a hardware failure. This error can also be presented on Windows machines, if the server's exception handler detects three failures of a database extension. Make sure another program such as a backup utility or file sharing has not locked the folder.

You have been granted read-only access. For example, you may be attempting to run FirstClass Voice Services 5.5 and FirstClass Server 7.0. You tried to remove a license that has not been installed on this server. Delete the damaged document (if possible) or try shutting down and restarting the server. 1007 Client message: Sorry, that document is damaged and cannot be accessed.

You created an autoforward loop. (Such a loop would occur if Sue sets up her account to autoforward mail to Jim, who autoforwards to Bill, who autoforwards back to Sue.) The They will automatically retry their connection later. 1054 Client message: Modem returned an error. Delete some items or move them elsewhere. 1038 Client message: The User Directory is locked. This may not be important, since a failure to close a closed file isn't much of an error.

See required and recommended configurations in FirstClass Administrator's Guide. Note MacTCP is supported by 68K Mac OS FirstClass clients only. Check the phone line and modem. Because that would bypass history, this message is issued. 1097 Client message: No calendar found.

Try opening the FirstClass client software application first and then opening the settings file. For Voice Services, you must have the technical knowledge to understand the computer and telephony hardware requirements and configurations as described in the third party installation manuals, the Switch Provisioning Booklet This indicates a network configuration error. You must delete some files before you can edit this object.

The server translates it to a text message. 2009 Server message: Multi-Match: Recipient matched multiple names at remote site. The FirstClass server is low on memory. A gateway cannot run because the server or gateway application has run out of memory. 3002 Message: No reply. You have tried to run an application that doesn't exist. 1002 Application entry point not found.

The user cancelled a File Open or File Save dialog. 4110 Message: That feature is not implemented. You tried to work on a form before it fully appeared on the screen. Shop with confidence…. You tried to send a message larger than the maximum size limit for the conference.

For TCP/IP, make sure the correct port is selected. You cannot forward text documents or items in external folders. 1041 Client message: Sorry, this message may not be sent until it has been properly addressed. Retry the failed operation.

Contact the contributor of the file, and ask him or her to send it again. 1067 Client message: Sorry, you cannot edit a document before it has been completely received.

There are six basic handler actions, all sent as messages to the exception object: return: Exit the block that received this #on:do:, returning the given value. This can be tested by attempting to read a different diskette. Password restrictions limit a user group to letters and numbers. You tried to perform an invalid function on an object (for example, you tried to make an external file unread). 1015 Client message: Your request cannot be completed because you do

A user tried to insert a user name in a field which cannot accept a Directory name. 1024 Client message: Your message cannot be delivered at this time because the server Server message: Serial port in use by another application. Server message: Bad or invalid request. his comment is here However, because you use the first-class classes feature of Smalltalk, it is not so easy to find and change all sends.

Latin words of the first declension have an invariable stem and are generally of feminine gender. For example, in a conference with four messages, a request is made to operate on the third message, just as the sender of the third message unsends the message. 1082 Client For example, some exceptions, such as warnings, resume by default, and thus should be treated as if they will almost always resume. A user tried to perform a file system operation on an unsupported volume (for example, he or she tried to approve a floppy diskette drive for users and conferences). 4123 Message:

If the problem persists, try restarting the server. 1039 Client message: A file system error has occurred on the FirstClass server. The user's disk space quota, set on a user group or the user information form, has been reached. For more information, see the sessions information in FirstClass Tools Reference. 1059 Client message: Sorry, that person would prefer not to chat at this time.

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