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First Class Error Message

The server and client connection encryption types are not the same so no connection can be established. 1110 Client message: Your request could not be completed. What is FirstClass? For more information, see the information about rebuilding the Directory in FirstClass Tools Reference. 2008 Server message: No match: Name not found at remote site. Server message: Could not load MacTCP. this contact form

The server is running a version of the FirstClass software that is older than the client software. All rights reserved. To correct this, close and reopen the message. 1027 Client message: The communication link has failed. Where do I go to download FirstClass Client?

You can restrict the functions to which users have access. Reduce the size of the message and send again. Either run an older version of the FirstClass client software when connecting to that server, or upgrade the server. 1018 Client message: Your request cannot be completed because you have reached Server message: Could not locate IPX.

Make sure hardware handshaking is configured correctly, and that the modem at the remote site uses communication standards compatible with those of your modem. You can't access a conference. Server message: End of thread. A user may have attempted to reuse a recent password, and the password restrictions in their group hierarchy prevents recent passwords. 1101 Client message: Password must contain a combination of numbers,

If you are experiencing a problem that is not listed above, or your professor is unavailable to help you, contact the UMaineOnline Support Center at 1.877.947.4357(HELP) or via email at [email protected] Server message: Volume not available. Server message: Server queue full. At startup time, the server calculates a reasonable upper limit for memory usage by a single user session.

All server modem lines are busy. I am receiving an error every time I attempt to enter my class!  Please help! The message exceeds the size limit for the target Mailbox or conference. 2014 Server message: Message rejected because it is too large. FirstClass has detected that the "other side" of the modem connection has dropped the line.

If the problem continues to persist, repeat this for every recipient name, or remove all recipient names and retype them. 1042 Client message: Sorry, your command could not be completed because Examine your connection settings closely. FirstClass cannot find one of the resources required by the settings file. Usually this indicates a file system failure, a damaged file, or a program error in FirstClass.

This may have been caused by a poor telephone connection or you may have enabled carrier detection without the appropriate cable. If the application does not behave as expected, disconnect and then reconnect. The message queue is full. You can go to either of two web addresses.

An attempt to execute an external program has failed. This may not be important, since a failure to close a closed file isn't much of an error. AppleTalk or IPX is installed and you tried to start a FirstClass server that has the same name as one already running on your network. To ensure that AppleTalk is enabled, choose Chooser from the Apple menu, and make sure the AppleTalk Active option is selected. 1088 Client message: Could not open an OpenTransport AppleTalk connection.

Make sure another program such as a backup utility or file sharing has not locked the folder. Please choose a different name. If you need to change this form, close it and try again later. 1086 Client message: Could not open a connection to Open Transport TCP.

When connected, this application replicates new information for offline conferences and calendars, and Directory information.

You have exceeded your license limit for concurrent application sessions. 1014 File copy failed. Also, this may be a result of having modified the INETSVCS.FC with a client that may have its TCP/IP/FCP configured to use a different TCP/IP port than 510, which should be Replace the damaged file with a backup copy. 6103 Message: Unable to open lexicon file. You have tried to run more than one copy of the application.

You tried to open an item currently being edited by another user. Server message: Modem returned "ERROR". Server message: Can't Unsend. his comment is here You must tell FirstClass Personal which conferences you want to work with offline.

How do I send a message in FirstClass? A file system error of some kind has occurred. Server message: Error processing FCP connection script. Check for software updates, and retry the operation.

This usually indicates a logic error in the server code. If you can't view a conference online, you can't view it using FirstClass Personal.

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