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First Class Error Messages

Server message: No such user. You tried to open the alias of an object that has been deleted. If your system is configured to use a serial expansion card, make sure the card is installed. An attempt to create a file or folder has failed.

User IDs must be unique on this system. Server message: Communication Toolbox has not been installed. If this problem persists, contact FirstClass Customer Support. 1013 Client message: You are already logged in. Reinstall the software. 1203 Client message: The Modem files or folder is missing. check it out

Upgrade the number of licenses, or wait for one to become available, or log in as a Regular user. The conference contains the maximum number of items supported by FirstClass. Reinstall the FirstClass client software. 6107 Message: The spell checker has run out of memory.

Server message: File sent already. If that does not help, restart the server machine. 4118 Message: Invalid data. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Server message: Bad person name.

This error may occur if the login limit for the user logging in is set too low. Please contact your administrator and report the problem. On Mac OS computers running System 7 or later, you can disable other software by rebooting while pressing Shift. 1058 Client message: The selected serial port is not available. this Check the phone number in the gateway settings file, or the configuration.

See the System Profile information in the Administration section of online help. Make sure the modem is working correctly and that the modem session has been correctly configured. This warning may appear on the FirstClass Internet Services console, and can be safely ignored. 1213 Client message: You cannot place more than 64K of data into a form field. The error is found when you try to load the application. 1009 Unable to write to file.

This usually indicates a logic error in the server code. Also, the user may be trying to run both the FirstClass client and FirstClass Personal, and there is not enough memory to run both. 1045 Client message: Duplicate server name. You tried to change a damaged file. Where do I go to download FirstClass Client?

Give the user the current version. 1002 Client message: Your request cannot be completed because there is not enough memory available on this machine. Reconnect to the server and try again. 1011 Client message: That feature is not yet implemented. This error indicates an internal FirstClass logic error. Server message: Server/Client version mismatch.

In this case, the server will report a more specific reason for the failure in the server message. Server message: Already logged in. If the application does not behave as expected, disconnect and then reconnect. Or, you can forward the message.

This error may occur if a user tries to access information on a volume previously, but no longer, available. This usually indicates a network permissions problem, a read-only volume (such as a CD-ROM), or an access conflict with another application that also has the file open. 4113 Message: General (I/O) Technical support Telephone technical support is available to registered administrators at the following numbers: Toll free in North America: 1-800-346-9108 Toronto: 905-762-7060 International: +353-61-725-200.

If your system is configured to use a serial expansion card, make sure the card is installed. 1059 Client message: Sorry, that person would prefer not to chat at this time.

There is a compatibility issue in your FirstClass software versions. This error indicates an internal FirstClass logic error. Server message: User already registered. There is an error in the configuration.

For example, this could be a reference to a CD-ROM which has been removed, or a network volume which is no longer available. 4120 Message: Not a directory. Delete the damaged document. 1017 Client message: That feature is not yet implemented. If you see this error on the server, make sure hardware carrier detection is enabled. 1014 Client message: You cannot perform that function on the selected object(s). his comment is here Reinstall the software. 1205 Client message: Warning: a timeout error has occurred.

If the error persists, one option is to delete the file that caused the error message to appear. Server message: Can't forward. This error is not related to actual memory available from the operating system, except indirectly, as the memory at startup affects the limit assigned to each session. Please contact your administrator and report the problem.

Delivery failed because the user does not have access to the conference or gateway. 2005 Server message: Delivery was incomplete because the message had too many recipients. In that case, the password must contain at least one character from two of the three character categories: numbers, letters, and punctuation. 1102 Client message: Password is too short. See "PLEASE NOTE:" above. (1) Make sure you have an active and working connection to the Internet.

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